Past Retreats

Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Live Better by OWN IT

MARCH 10 -13TH 2022

What to expect on these retreats?

Chef Prepared Meals

Enjoy 3 curated meals per day that are altered specifically to your dietary needs. We will use results from your micronutrient testing to design your personalized menu. Dinners will be accompanied by a wine tasting experience.

Mindful Practice

Break through energetic barriers that you have developed over a lifetime by having a clear idea of how to generate awareness and create powerful change

Meditation & Breathwork

Learn techniques that will improve both your mental & physical health, increase productivity and build emotional resilience.

International Movement & Yoga

Work with some of the best in the industry to understand the specific type of movement necessary to achieve your fitness goals.

Anti-Aging & Longetivity

Boost vitality, reduce pain, and build both physical and mental resilience through our daily cold and hot plunges.

Private Consultations

Meet 1×1 in a private session with both your inner and outer energy coach for the utmost personalization on your blueprint.