I speak on topics ranging from leadership and wellness, to inner wealth and finding fulfillment.

One of the beautiful, unintended consequences of coaching thousands of people in a 1-on-1 setting, is that I’ve gotten the chance to bring that to a large audience.

Drawing on my background as an executive, CEO, and coach, I’ve given over 50 keynote presentations on topics ranging from health, to wealth, to leadership.


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Leadership Archetypes

Every leader is different.

There’s no one best way to lead. I believe the best form of leadership is the one that’s most aligned with your style, your team, and your company culture.

That’s why I’ve developed this system of Leadership Archetypes. In it, I help leaders of all walks of life uncover what their unique leadership style is. This will help leaders lead more effectively, and feel more aligned with themselves and their mission.

Inner Energy

Inner Energy is all about understanding and integrating all aspects of your life at a deeper level, so you can excel in all areas of life.

On a fundamental level, we know you can’t separate the mind from the body. Our mindset dictates our physical wellbeing, and our physical body dictates our mind.

Inner Energy is about addressing the mindset and mentality-focused part of the equation.

When I teach about Inner Energy, we focus on identifying key stressors, and how they’re affecting everything from your productivity to your relationships.

Understanding inner energy will help you identify key stressors and avoid burnout.

Modern Wellness

In the past, “wellness” has been conceptualized as a collection of distinct processes. There’s exercise, nutrition, sleep, and others, and we thought of them as separate from one another. Further still, we didn’t view ‘wellness’ in the context of our entire lives.

Modern Wellness is about, first and foremost, understanding that all of it is connected. You can’t separate the mind from the body, productivity from health, or sleep from exercise.

When I teach about Modern Wellness, it’s about how to create a plan, whether for an individual or an organization, to improve their health in wellness in a systematic way, and as a result, improve in every area of their life.

How to have it all

In life, we’re told that ‘you can’t have it all.’ And for a lot of people, this is true. We can’t be great at everything, unless we either sacrifice our quality or live in constant stress.

What if this weren’t true? What if, after all, we could have it all, and live each day excited and invigorated?

This is exactly what I help our clients do, often high-level executives with a lot on their plate and struggling to “do it all.”

It begins by focusing on the elements of ourselves that make everything we do more effective, productive, and fulfilled.

Inner Entrepreneurship

Business and entrepreneurship don’t have a blueprint. Yes, there are similarities between successful businesses, but every business is different, and every entrepreneur has different visions and goals.

Drawing on my experience as an executive, CEO, entrepreneur, and coach to hundreds of entrepreneurs, I support you in uncovering and executing the entrepreneurial vision that’s unique and aligned with you.



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